hand dying

I've been doing a lot of hand dying lately... some felt, some yarn. The organic process is time consuming but so pleasurable. I just keep adding dye to the bath to change the hue until I'm pleased...
There have been a few pieces in the studio which required colors and tones that I didn't have handy, so dyed both yarn and wool felt in the same dye baths so I could incorporate both into designs seamlessly.
On the homefront, I've been doing a little knitting now that it's gotten chilly again. I took out all my yarn and pulled a few skeins and dropped them in dye in attempt to fall in love with those I was fairly ambivalent about... I made some variegated tones which really looked lovely once knit. all in all, it's been a success.
If you're interested in taking on your own hand dying project I would highly recommend Cushing Dyes.


  1. Whenever I see yarn, I think of you. Random I know, but honest. ;) These colors are lovely... and have you and "other silly things" written all over them!

  2. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  3. I have been using IDye in my machine. I think everything in my wardrobe is now shades of black, blue and grey. I will check out the dye you recommend. Always looking for an easier way of doing things.