cutting out a few new bears!

I'm starting to work on a few bears for the Silver Bella Event I'll be teaching at in November. I love to have all my pieces cut out and sewn up far before I need them... it makes things go really quick when I'm in the last mad dash before an event or update. Happily all my pieces are sewn and on their way to getting ready for me to begin "finishing" for the Halloween update next month. I'm excited to start working on all the fun stuff but I'm waiting for a day when I'm feeling Bright and Well Rested before I dive in.


  1. I just went to the Silver Bella site and they are sold out already. What a popular event. I can just imagine how much fun that must be.
    The little bear is adorable.

  2. Love this sweet little bear!!! Look at that wonderful pile of mohair!!!!


  3. i'm just really fond of your work.... that's amazing, really