our little mobile...

Jay and I finished our little mobile for over our changing table... it's a smaller version that what we'd been planning, because my parents made us the most amazing mobile ever. So here's the details of our humble attempt at making something sweet and kinetically engaging.

We cut little bird shapes out of balsa wood. Jay used an exacto blade to cut them out, not so easy, but seemed to work well.

I painted a glue/water mix onto each side of the wooden shapes and stuck on a cotton print. Once the first side dried, I cut it out with a sharp pair of scissors, and repeated that for the second side.

Once the wooden shapes were all covered and dry, we assembled the mobile with little pieces of drift wood we picked up off the beach.

Ok, now back to work on the pieces for the update! Hope to post more photos later today of all that good stuff! It's coming along really well... can't wait to show you all, all the new bits and pieces!


  1. Yours and Jays Bird mobile turned out wonderful! I was wondering if you could share you bird pattern shapes so i can copy the pattern and try makig a mobile myself

  2. Oops! Sorry Jen I see that you did share your patterns.

  3. oh, that is just sweet! I'm sure baby will love this :)

  4. So chic and modern! And made by baby's loving mommy and daddy. So tender a piece.

  5. I like said before, you are one talented family.
    The mobile is so adorable. The baby will love having that over the changing table, oh so clever.
    It will be such a wonderful keepsake, along with the one grandma and grandpa made too.