Hurray for Spoonflower

Who doesn't go into the fabric store from time to time and wonder- "why can't I find what I need/want?" Enter Spoonflower. They're a wonderful new(ish) company who takes your designs and turns them into 100% cotton yardage.

I've had a few of my handmade prints made into fabric through and I've been really happy with the outcome. Below are a couple designs and a sample of two actual fabrics (in slightly different color stories)I've had made. They wash up like a dream.

Check out their website and make a few fabrics of your own designs.


  1. sweeeeeeet! i'm there!

  2. Thanks for sharing, love your designs. Oh the possibilities...

  3. you should enter your designs in the spoonflower contest. That way we could buy some of those beautiful designs.

  4. What a great site!! Thanks for the tip! I'm not a great sewer but and new custom print pillow might be just what I need! :)