taking a break from the studio...

and working on another project.

I took part of the day off from unpacking (the never ending story these days) to work on something a little more fun and creative. It's been far too long since I'd made any wedding cake toppers or anything ceramic for that matter.
For the last six years, I've been throwing pots on a regular basis. While Jay and I were in New Haven I spent too many hours to count each week at the Creative Arts Workshop where I made horribly lopsided bowls and cups, and found an affinity for potters and pottery. After those two years I became capable of making forms with relative ease and moved back to Minneapolis with far more pottery than could easily be contained in the average cupboard. I found a new studio here at Powderhorn Park with a dynamic and ridiculously fun group of teachers and students but had to give up throwing a few months ago when my baby belly got too big to bend over.

All that info just to express how utterly enjoyable it's been working on these pieces today... what's more, I can't wait to send them off to don wedding cakes and become little keepsakes of love and devotion. I'd say that's time well spent.


  1. ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh, my this did make my heart sing.

  2. Everything you make has such a quality of charm, whether it's made of fabrics or clay. Amazing!

  3. love these new ones!! i still love mine. i put them in vintage turquoise blue Avon soap dish. looks like a cute bird bath...i love it!!! :)

  4. Absolutely adorable!! I love the birds!

  5. These are so-o-o precious and how sweet they will be part of a special ceremony and hold the memory of that day...

  6. clay!! it feels so good to put your hands in it. Love your cake toppers and esp the new kitty one! but keep kitty away from the bird ones, lol.