my evening project

I think I just have a hard time sitting still, which has been difficult since I became pregnant. While I'm exhausted my 10pm I'm still quite awake (most of the time) and feeling like maybe I should get something done. If I had the energy I'd vacuum or put in some laundry, but it seems my energy level has confined my activities to those which can be accomplished on the couch.

Enter my latest undertaking:
the baby blanket.

I've dug though all my old yarn and pulled out all the worsted weight wool, and I'm making the little one a blanket (who doesn't love using something up?). It will be perfect in these cold Minneapolis winters and while not machine washable the feel of the soft wool makes it worth the extra efforts handwashing will entail... Hurray for sedentary projects.

(For those interested, I used 8 needles and 130 stitches across. It's a nice size, bit I think it will be quite large. If I was doing it again, I think around 100 stitches would have been ample on a slightly larger needle making the work a little looser.)


  1. I love it! Want to make me one with my extra yarn??

  2. How many stitches did you cast on and what size needles are you using??

  3. It's going to be a beautiful baby blanket - the colours look so nice together!

  4. Take it from a mother of 5...rest when you can especially now in the quiet moments. The blanket is a treasure for sure. beautiful!