a house plant even I can grow

I love having plants inside, but I seem to have a bit of trouble keeping them healthy and happy. I understand, at least I've been told, it's really not all that difficult and just takes a little attention and time, but apparently those are two things I just can't seem to offer my lovely indoor friends. Outside, I fancy myself a bit of a gardener, but inside is clearly a different story. Enter the Oxalis: Hello lovely. I have a variety of these around my house and they've all lived to tell of my lack of consistent watering, attention, and care. They bloom regularly and fairly effortlessly look quite lovely. You can order them online or find them in your local garden store... Highly recommended for those of us with less than green thumbs.


  1. As well as for those of us with green thumbs! ;) I just bought a couple of these for my porch, two colors actually, and they are really lovely paired with a chartreuse plant. The leaves fold down at night and come out again (like an umbrella) in the daylight.

    They are really beautiful.

  2. I always said I can only grow children and weeds....maybe I'll give this guy a try.

  3. Wonderful color oxalis...it looks really healthy and happy there. Thanks for telling us about this plant... which I used to love...and forgot about. A whimsical plant! (Perhaps I need one, too.)