Perfectly Slouchy.

While on my rag doll kick, I found artist Mimi Kirchner on Etsy. She makes really sweet dolls ( I do so like the gentlemen!) but this photograph of one of her girls with band-aids on killed me. Check out those socks and shoes. Perfectly slouchy.

See more of Mimi Kirchner's work on her
Etsy site, her website/blog, and you now can make one of her patterns yourself... now on the Purl Bee.


  1. Love the band-aids!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Love the Bandaids....its true....girls are not all prim and proper. My dausghter always has a scrape or bruise somewhere from playing outside or horsing around with the neighbor kids on the lawn. or the famous grass rash...oh, the fun times.... ;)

  3. Mimi is just fantastic - her work, especially her sad girl just slays me.

  4. Isn't her work fabulous? I love her tattooed men made from toile fabric, too.

    We're in the group Boston Handmade together. I was pleased to learn you knew of her work, too!

  5. Mimi is such a great gal! I'm so glad to see her work on your blog and am lucky enough to call her my friend (and a generous one at that)! The sweet details she adds to her dolls are just precious. Maybe one day I'll own a Mimi doll of my own...it's just so hard to choose! :)