My new mess and future studio

I've been working towards a big move...
I knew as soon as I became a new mom, I'd need to have my studio back at home (goodbye beautiful big warehouse studio). That wasn't a hard decision, but it was difficult to decide where and how I was going to fit my 1100sq ft studio back into my 950sq ft house. We finally decided to finish a big part of our our basement (without wood paneling and drop ceilings!!!). Once finished we'll have a laundry room, a small bathroom, and I'll have a nice new studio. It's been coming along slowly but surely for the last two months and finally we're getting close... This weekend we mopped up all the drywall dust and poured out the primer. Here are photos before the first coat went up on the walls (with Jay pouring out the paint). This is the month when it all goes down, I have to be totally moved out by the 31st (yikes) so I'll be posting the progress over the next few weeks. Lucky for me my Dad came in from Ann Arbor to help Jay and I. Thanks Papa! Finger crossed we can get it all done in time!


  1. Jennifer I can't wait to see the new studio when it's all finished. It will be beautiful I'm sure. :) Don't work too hard mama to be...with the moving and all. :)



  2. oh, renovation! such hard work, but also exciting, yes? we've been working on a breakfast room for 1 yr now.. almost done (i hope!). Your new space will be fabulous i'm sure :) Looking foward to seeing the progress.
    good luck with the studio move-back home!

  3. How fabulous! The space sounds great! Especially wonderful to have a laundry there, too. Looking forward to seeing your new space in future!

  4. hi jennifer, we'll be teaching together at silver bella this year. wanted to drop in and say hello. it's an amazing event that i'm sure you'll love (and be loved). looking forward to meeting, and best of luck with your studio project! hugs.

  5. good luck with the move and the new studio. how exciting.

  6. Awesome! Congratulations! Yes, it seems very exciting!

  7. Jennifer, Jennifer... what is a girl to do? I just know that you will rock out the new studio as well with your charming menagerie!

    I am soooo painting the ceiling of my basement now! :)

    Take care little momma! :)