The list for today:

  1. Finish laying linoleum floor in bathroom and laundry room
  2. Replace washer, dryer and utility tub
  3. Help Dad cut down and shim door to storage area
  4. Go to my Midwife appointment
  5. Paint pocket door for bathroom
  6. Prime, paint and cut trim for the entrance to laundry room
  7. Grout the tile surround for fireplace (which will be installed tomorrow am)
  8. Pick up toilet

The big items (long since checked) on the list from last week seemed to give momentum (paint and lay the first of the linoleum) carrying us along, but now there are a million little things which have to be finished that visually don't seem to have a whole lot of impact. This visual slowdown seems to be making us all a little tired, but with move-in day quickly approaching there's no time for a day off... just a lot of breaks.
Tired but Happy


  1. Your hard work will pay off for you at the end and you will love your new studio. The colors are beautiful. You have such great taste and so much creativity.
    Take some time for you...and get some rest along the way.


  2. love love love love love everything about your blog!


    did I say love?

  3. I'm looking at your list, thinking it MUST be for the guys.. until i saw "midwife appt" lol.

    grouting tile + pregnant, how is it possible? ;O) take care and take it easy.