Thank you for holding that...

I've been collecting pin cushions (in many forms) since I was a girl. At a young age I was subjected to the enormous history of useful objects by my parents who took me to antique show, after yard sale, after auction. These were long days of looking that could only be revived by the promise of a little something for me. I would often pick out sewing items among other things, but the classic tomato and strawberry pin cushion would always catch my eye. In retrospect I think I was drawn to similar objects made unique through their utility. Each one became something unusual though being used without thought, but because it was necessary. Somehow I have always associated that wear with love...


  1. What a cute blog. I found you through P.garrison. I love how you have customized the fonts and borders. Is that done with certain types of soft ware? Wish I was a little more saavy!

  2. I just LOVE tomato/strawberry pin cushions! I have a huge jar full. They are great because they are so simple. The pics are great!

    Hugs, Lisa