the long awaited box... Arrived!

Last year my sister gave me a few prized Japanese craft magazines, and while pouring over them I found a Shinzi Katoh ad which piqued my interest. Those of us who live on this side of the globe know very little about this artist and designer, but he is (according to his website, and I'll take his word for it) one of the most famous in Japan. So in January, while in a bit of a funk I cheered myself with a little retail fun. I spent hours navigating through his website, picking out items and refining my selections over and over again. It was a purely enjoyable afternoon, but I was left wondering if my box would ever arrive.... when, low and behold, two months later it came! If you haven't seen Shinzi Katoh's world of cute before, Please, let me introduce you...

washcloths, folder, the cutest baby cloths

bottle cooler, folder, water bottle

tote bag and wash cloths

and my dream tote bag (soon to be diaper bag) to hold it all...


  1. murf, what a great package! i really missed the boat by not placing an order.

  2. welcome to blogland!!! And congrats on your "soon-to-be". That tote back is perfect for diapers and whatnots.

    thanks for the Shinzi tip...extremely cute, too much to take in at once ;o)
    (Wasn't that a Shinzi postcard u sent me way back?)
    I too have a small collection of japanese zakka books, just for the pics of course (can't read 'em).

    glad you are sharing a peek w/ us into your studio world!

  3. I discovered Shinzi Katoh about 3 years ago and i was hooked, they have the sweetest stuff! If you like Zakka, here's link you should see, if you haven't already: http://www.kitty-craft.com/, cute stuff, great inspiration!
    thanks for starting a blog- i got the same urge myself in January :-)
    i love your work, it's also great inspiration!!
    Enjoy- L. :-)