What will I have?
Three times in the last week, strangers after asking how far along I am, "about six months", have replied "wow, you're going to be big."

Yep, looks that way... and all of this will culminate in a little or not so little being.
The anticipation is growing with the size of my belly.


  1. So exciting! I loved being pregnant. :)

  2. My Mom gained over 55 pounds during her one and only pregnancy.
    It was 1957 and no sonograms back then.
    Mom's doctor gave her fits about gaining too much weight.
    She calmly replied "I'm having twins."
    He said "I only hear one heartbeat-and you're gaining too much weight."
    The day he finally heard 2 heartbeats, he apologized.
    The day he helped deliver twin A @ 6 lbs. 11 oz. and twin B @ 7 lbs. 12 oz., he REALLY apologized.
    Never mind what anyone says, you're going to be just perfect for you.

  3. Jennifer who cares how big you get as long as that little one inside is happy. :)



  4. I'm six months pregnant and getting big, too. I love the comment from Dawn---"Never mind what anyone says. You're going to be just perfect for you" and your baby.


  5. How exciting Jennifer! I can't wait to see what you will be creating with this new person in your life to inspire you!

  6. i so loved being pregnant, it was the most beautiful time in my -well our live's, just holding my hands around my belly was divine-when the little one would kick you-mmmm-i miss that.and my mr australia ( husband )would put his ear to my belly to hear what was going on....WE HAVE 4 NAUGHTY DIVINE CHILDREN.

  7. To think my mom only gained 14 lbs with me, a rarity, wishing you well with your pregnancy, how exciting!

    Suzanne Urban

  8. Ohhh jennifer that is such wonderful news!!I had no idea you are expecting a baby!!conrats to you and the daddy!!!lots of hugs from Holland

  9. Jennifer, I am so happy to see you have a blog!! I will be adding you to my blogroll ☺

    As for the big belly... when I was pregnant with my first, I was still working (as an RN). I went into one patient's room and she commented on how small I was for being 7 months pregnant. I left her room and went into the next patient's room, and she immediately told me that I was big as a house and must be having twins!! LOL, it is all perspective.

    Anyway, glad to know things are going well- ♥Randi

  10. Thanks all for the notes!!!!
    Off to the see my midwife today and another ultrasound! Looking forward to getting another glimpse of the little one....

  11. Yay! So exciting! Love your little sketches <3

  12. congratulations! what a fun time. i gained 35 lbs, but i was all belly. it looked like i was smuggling a beach ball at the end there. you do what is right for you. what is it with strangers and pregnant people anyhoo??? :o)

  13. Jennifer, I had to laugh when I saw your little images of what you might have - I doubt it will be a kitten you silly girl...

    Congratulations! I didn't know you were expecting!

    Enjoy the pregnancy - I loved feeling the baby move - how I miss that - knowing there was a little life inside me. Precious time - Jen D, Midland

  14. The thing that irked me was when complete strangers thought they had a right to touch my belly! ICK!