Inspiration Wall...

My studio is my very own organized mess... To keep it more organized and less of a mess I try to have a place for nearly everything.

While laying out this studio (I moved in about 2 years ago) I took advantage of the massive unused wall space and painted a "frame" on one wall to "hold" all the little bits of inspiration I found out in the world. It's the back drop for my desk, holds notes, torn out scraps from magazines, as well as little prints from artists and vintage bits. It's large enough (
about 15'x 6') so I can effortlessly tack anything and everything up without doing too much editing or organizing.
These photos are from about 6 months ago and I love that it looks totally different today. It's an ever changing collage.


  1. you have a lovely studio space.

    i don't know how you get any work done though -- i would just be standing there staring at that inspiration wall all day...he he

    thanks for sharing it.

  2. I love this idea... and I may just have to use if for myself. :)



  3. That photo was is amazing. I wish I had a space that big to accomodate all my inspirational things. I love seeing the snippets of life in your work space