everyone is getting dressed!

Getting ready for a website update is always a long process. There are weeks of planning while I cut pieces out and begin sewing. Just getting the basics underway seems to take forever, but I've finally reached the stage when pieces are getting dressed and ready for the big day. It's such a pleasure to see my early sketches come to fruition and each piece become it's own unique object...

These girls just got dressed today,
but there is still so much more to do!!!


  1. Jennifer, I so look forward to your update, someday I will have one of your wonderful creations! Thanks for the teaser.

    Best wishes,

  2. I remember in art school feeling this same way when I made tactile 3D items. With painting I know I don't have the same sense of accomplishment as I do when I make something I can hold.

    Your craft is impeccable. I love the way the bears feet line up perfectly. Looking forward to the update.

  3. I know spring is coming when you announce your "Spring Update". Looking forward to it.

  4. ha! such a clever idea for a sneak peek!
    love that you started a blog