New Tags for 2009!

In December, Jay (my man-friend) stopped by my studio to see all the new pieces I'd been working on. He picked each one up, admired all the details, appointed stories and personalities to each, and then with utter confusion commented on my makeshift tags. I always loved my old tags: simple, utilitarian, and handmade... but he found them ridiculous.
"With this level of craftsmanship, what are these sharpie drawn scraps?!"

Ok. Ok. Point taken.
So with the new year, I made new tags... Now that the switch has been made, I question why I didn't do this years ago. I love the new tags, simple sweet and far more precise and detailed... just like the work they're affixed to.

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  1. Your new tags are beautiful, but I really liked the simplicity of the old ones too.