Check out this beautiful hand-knit sweater which arrived for Claude a few days ago. How lucky are we? Himiko made it for her daughter but she grew so quickly, as all little ones are apt to do,  she never got to wear it. Lucky for us, Himiko thought it might find a happy owner at our house- and right she was. After even a quick glance at her beautiful blog, you'll see neither of her two little girls are not wanting for gorgeous knit goods. She's one prolific mama. Thanks Himiko!!!!


  1. Such a generous gift! And what a cutie pie your happy boy is! yay.

  2. Oh my gosh, Jennifer....Claude is so adorable. He always looks so good in his sweaters. This one is a beauty too. It fits him perfectly. What a beautiful gift to receive and how useful it will be with the cold weather you have there.

  3. Oh my goodness! Claude reminds me of those old Kathe Kruse dolls! He is quite the heart breaker, no?