I'm writing out all my tags for the bears and animals I have finished so far for the Update on Tuesday and Claude really wants to help. He's pulling at my legs and begging like a puppy to play with all the things on the table. I couldn't help but photograph the pure glee that pours out when I show him each bear. He's so sweet, but all the whining and crying for more is beginning to drive me a little crazy. Ohhhhh babies. I guess I know how he feels. I've been a bit sleep deprived and I feel like pitching a fit when I don't get my way too.


  1. This is a darling photo! How sweet that he loves your creations. What fun to see his excitement over each one. Does he have his own Mommy-made bear?

  2. When you parent a child you start to see that each stage has lots of facets, lots of things a parent loves and frankly some facets that just push all the wrong buttons. The great and encouraging thing is that childhood is all about stages and those stages just keep changing-so if one of those facets (whining and crying for more) is driving you crazy . . . just knowing it won't last really helps. And all that constant change ALWAYS keeps things interesting! Hang in and hang on, Mom!

  3. Look at those arm rolls! Sooooo adorable! And his side-swept 'do makes him look like a perfect gentleman (who have also been known to throw a fit when they don't get their way...lol). Happy creating and mothering! :)