evening projects-

I've been making a whole lot of baby clothes lately (as if I don't spend enough time sewing each day!?). So, I was especially excited when I opened my second package from Spoonflower last week to see the fabric I designed made into this incredible interlock knit. It's so thick and soft and really nice to sew on- even for a lady like me who's not so great at working with knits.
I made this shirt pattern a few weeks ago based on an amazing shirt my sister found thrifting from this company. Claude has nearly outgrown it and it's such a staple- so I had to size-up and stock up in new prints and patterns. I've made a few now- experimenting with finished and unfinished edges, ribbed cuffs & necks, and pockets... but this one is my favorite to date.
Claude looked sporting when we went out today- but even in this outfit, with all those "boy" colors everyone still thought he was a girl- must be that long hair or those eyes, or or or- who knows. I think it's because he's just so darn pretty.


  1. What fantastic textile design. I didn't know Spoonflower could convert designs to knits, holy cow. Love what you've done and what you've done with it.

    Claude certainly is a stunningly beautiful baby. He looks a strong healthy boy to me!

  2. Your fabric design is wonderful!